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the 1986 World master FINN championships
the 1986 - 1988 Italian A CLASS championships
the 1988 Italian TORNADO championships
the 1992 European FIREBALL championships
the 1993 Italian SNIPE championships
the 2000 Italian FD championships.
... and several other national regattas and Italian championships such as FINN, 470.

The sailing season runs primarily from April to October. In this
period a full calendar of regattas offers a wide variety of classes of boat the opportunity to compete in renowned and highly technical races.

Many clubs can boast an experience of almost thirty years in terms of the organization and judging of these high level regattas and
often of their club members' participation.

The Fireball class is one of the most numerous represented on the lake. Both National and European Fireball championships have been organized here. For example, in 1992 about 80 boats
competed for the European title.

Every year the Bracciano Ranking List welcomes crews from all the Italian "zones" lured by the diverse and demanding wind
conditions, which render these traditional regattas technically

The warm reception they receive from our sailing clubs is equally part of lake Bracciano's tradition.

So, are you ready for the 2001 European and World
Championships? We look forward to seeing you from the 15 to the 28 of July 2001.

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