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Lake Bracciano, 30 kilometres north of Rome and 15
kilometres from the Tirranian Sea, is a circular expanse of water, 160 metres in depth, with a circumference of 33 kilometres and a total surface area of 57 kmē.
The dominant winds during July are thermal in nature, blow from the 3rd quadrant (180°/240°), mostly regular and have an average speed of 10-14 knots.

The Yacht Club Bracciano Est offers 7,000 mē of grass, beach front of 70 m, a pier, 150 on-land berths and all services and
infrastructure necessary for the Championships.
The shape and location of Lake Bracciano, together with its
proximity to
Rome, renders it one of the most popular venues for sailors not only from Lazio, but also from all over Italy.

Three picturesque towns around the lake offer pleasant itineraries for the occasional and frequent visitors, drawn by the mild climate and the tourist attractions and facilities on offer.
Numerous sailing clubs along the lake shore testify to the success of our sport.

Important national and international events confirm Lake
Bracciano as one of the best known areas for regattas in Italy.

Its circular form, with a diameter of about 9 kilometres and its depth of up to 160 metres, the low hills around its edges and the short distance (15 kilometres) from the sea are the elements that favour the presence of thermal winds on the lake. These winds are particularly prevalent from the north, south and west.

Some of the more important events to date have been:
. the 1982 European FIREBALL championship
. the 1985 Italian STAR championship (won by Francesco de
  Angelis - now world famous as Luna Rossa's skipper)                   

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